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Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
Date: 08 to current | Role: Visiting Instructor:, Design Procedures 1 & 2
“There's learning afoot!” - Principal Skinner

Since 2008 I've had the fortune of adequately arming future industry competitors as a Visiting Instructor at Pratt.* It's been a privilege to interact with so many promising students and experienced faculty members.

The goal in teaching my classes (Design Procedures 1 & 2) is to familiarize students with the role that software, specifically the Adobe CS apps, will play in their career and how to use those tools not only to create but to use them in a way that will allow what they create to be produced into something tangible (i.e. the printer won't have to call you and tell you you're doing it wrong).

*A firm handshake and stiff drink to Brooklyn's own Kelly Shea for pointing me in the right direction for this experience and for all the subsquent help and advice provided along the way.


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