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2012 | Design, Music
“Uno dos tres cuatro. Ichi ni san chi.” - Nummern by Kraftwerk

In April of 2012, Kraftwerk did a series of shows at the MOMA in NYC. Predictably, demand outstripped supply and as a result many fans didn't make the cut. The inspired and entreprenurial Joe Garden and Marianne Ways provided comforting, fun relief with Krautwerk: an assembly of artists ranging from Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon to Corn Mo paying tribute and filling in the gaps for Kraftwerk enthusiast left out in the icy, analog cold. I designe the poster for the event and provided between-artist music.

MobileOur Dumb Word Audiobook
Atlas Clubmix
Splicing together audio clips from the Our Dumb World Audiobook, writer Chris Karwowski and I prove you can dance to geography.
United Way DVD
Community Investments Theme
This quiet piece was used as background music in the Austin, TX United Way 'Community Investments' DVD.
Jones SodaDangerous Book For Dogs Promo
Bad Dogs!
This rousing theme was created for a promo video for The Dangerous Book For Dogs. Joe Garden and Chris Karwowski contributed vocals.
A Book Of Jean's Own!Him & The Drinks
Break out the smoking jacket, fez and cocktails ...you'll look good while listening to this track from the Flip Franklin E.P.
musicMetropolis Magazine
'Intermission' by Him & The Drinks
This piece was featured in the March 2003 Metropolis Magazine as a selected sound track for the Guggenheim Museum.
PBS Kids PresskitHim & The Drinks
Mr. Softner
If you live in NYC, you know the Mr. Softee ice cream truck theme and it just might drive you crazy. That's what this song is about.


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